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Investing in Watts Wind Energy

Watts Wind Energy uses its knowledge of wind power project development, financing and management to invest in projects that are expected to provide a regular income to its shareholders.

Our business model focuses on avoiding difficult to assess risks of wind power development activities. The company limits its exposure to that of construction and operation by only investing in projects that have achieved certain late stage development milestones such as executed power purchase agreements, wind studies and executed land agreements. Watts Wind’s exposure is therefore limited with regard to the time and resource intensive and speculative development activities.

The Company has successfully raised $4.8 million through individual investors to fund its projects operating at Watt Section, near Sheet Harbour (1.5MW), MacLellan’s Brook, near New Glasgow (4.6 MW), Barrington (3.2 MW), Wedgeport (1.6 MW), Ketch Harbour (4.8 MW), Porters Lake (3.2 MW), and projects currently under construction; Liverpool (3.6MW).

On January 27, 2016, Watts Wind declared its eighth, consecutive, semi-annual dividend of $.04 per share.  In respect to performance results for the years ended September 30, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, the Company declared and paid dividends of $0.07, $0.07, $0.06, $.03 and $0.03 per share respectively. The declaration and payment of future dividends will be determined at the discretion of the board of directors of Watts Wind, based on, among other things, operating and financial restrictions through covenants in certain loan and security agreements.

Watts Wind provides audited financial statements to its shareholders.

There are no investment opportunities available at this time.