COMFIT Q&A | Watts Wind Energy

What is COMFIT?

The Nova Scotia Community Feed-In Tariff, or COMFIT, is designed for locally-based renewable energy generation projects. To be eligible, the projects must be community-owned and and satisfy other conditions. Typically, COMFIT wind power projects are under six MWs in capacity.

What is a Feed-In Tariff?

A Feed-In Tariff or FIT is a standardized power purchase program offered by utilities and governments with standardized rules, prices and contracts.

Why is Watts Wind Energy Inc. participating in the COMFIT Program?

The Watts team believes that community-based projects offer the best long term solution for the communities of Nova Scotia, electricity users in the province, and the company. Watts recently completed the first community owned, grid connected distribution project in Nova Scotia in the community of Watt Section. The project was part of the 2008 RFP for distribution projects and is not part of the COMFIT program.

What are the benefits to my community?

Watts Wind Energy Inc. is majority owned and operated by Nova Scotians and believe in putting Nova Scotians first. Watts is committed to ensuring long-term benefits to the communities in which projects are constructed. Watts believes benefits to include:

  • increase in work for local contractors;
  • increase in air quality;
  • greater long term stability in power rates;
  • revenue from land leases for local land owners;
  • increase in revenue for local shops and businesses;
  • green power generation created in, and used by, the community;
  • increase in tax revenues for the county and/or town; and
  • a local investment opportunity.