About Us | Watts Wind Energy

Who is Watts Wind Energy Inc.?

The company is growing with more than 39 MW’s of planned generation capacity initiated in the past two years. Watts currently operates  12.7 MW’s of wind turbines near Sheet Harbour, New Glasgow, Barrington, and Wedgeport Nova Scotia. With 8 MW’s at the Ketch Harbour and Porters Lake sites. Watts has been awarded 36.8 MW’s of wind power projects under the Government of Nova Scotia’s Community Feed-in-Tarrif (COMFIT) program and has 3.6 MW’s of generation under construction at the Liverpool Wind Energy Storage Project site.

Watts Wind Energy Inc. (“Watts Wind”) is organized as a privately owned, Nova Scotia Community Economic Development Investment Fund (“CEDIF”) with a diversified portfolio of 13 utility-scale wind energy turbines, representing an installed capacity of 21 megawatts, with one more project (3.6MW) currently under construction.  With 13 wind turbines currently operating in six communities across Nova Scotia, these turbines produce enough energy to power 6,500 homes.

Watts Wind’s mandate is to invest in renewable energy projects with a view to generating long-term, above average yields for its shareholders. Central to the Company’s proposition to investors is that it does not invest in wind energy projects until the significant risks of development are addressed.

As a CEDIF, investors in Watts Wind may be eligible for non-refundable provincial tax credits of up to 65%, the applicability for which is subject to additional requirements of Watts Wind and the investor. There is no guarantee that Watts Wind will qualify or be eligible for these additional non-refundable provincial tax credits.